Project Description

Ultra Thin hardened flat HD glass Lens Eyeglass


Material:Ultra Thin Flat Hardened HD Glass Lens Eyeglass

Functions:UV380、Hydrophobic、Infrared Block、Light Blue Block、Anti Reflection、Hard Coat、Scratch Resistant、HD

Lens color: Clear


Refractive index (n) :1.5、1.51、1.52、1.53、1.58、1.6、1.65、1.7、1.75、1.8、1.9

Lens Size(mm):48-80

Lens Category: 1

Base Curves : Zero-Base Curve

Purpose:Brands Sunglass Lens Replacement、New Design Glasses

we apply the technology from the optical filter system of world-famous brands to the lenses of Ultra Thin Flat Hardened HD Glass Lens Eyeglass. This is the lens of optical glass for a new camera that is rarely seen in the market now. Compared with the lenses of traditional glass, Ultra Thin Flat Hardened HD Glass Lens Eyeglass:

is ultrathin, with a thickness of 0.8mm-1.0mm,About 2G heavier than resin lens of the same size.

is manufactured with a unique toughening process of high strength and remained intact in a test conducted with a steel ball of 64g dropped from a height of 1.27m and in a pressure test of as high as 980N;

has a stable excellent quality, including exquisite shaping, a high precision of processing and smooth chamfer;

provided clear imaging in a HD test where the lenses of nylon, CR39 and PC showed blurred imaging;

had basically no color deviation in a color temperature test where most lenses of resin had color deviation;

remained smooth and scratchless in a knife scratch test where all the lenses of resin for comparison had obvious scratches;

 has higher density performance and a lens film of better optical performance under a high-temperature coating process where the lenses of resin cannot bear;

uses double-sided coating, which outperform most products of one-sided coating in the market in ensuring the consistency of the optical performance indicators of both sides, reducing glare, preventing water, oil and scrape, protecting eyes, making it easier to clean the lenses and extending the service life of the products.

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