Project Description

Platinum glass eye lens technology Platinum glass eye lens technology Platinum glass eye lens technology


Material: Clear Glass Light Blue Block Lens Eyeglass

Functions: UV380, Hydrophobic, Light Blue Block, Scratch Resistant, Hard Coat

Lens color: Clear

Thickness(mm): 1.7, 1.8, 1.9, 2.0, 2.2

Refractive index (n) : 1.5, 1.51, 1.52, 1.53, 1.58, 1.6, 1.65, 1.7, 1.75, 1.8, 1.9

Lens Size(mm): 48-80

Lens Category: 1

Base Curves : 400, 600

Purpose: Brands Sunglass Lens Replacement, New Design Glasses

The manufacturers of some brands claim that their spectacles can filter blue light. But the problem is that they have filtered all the blue lights, including blue and purple lights. Therefore, it is improper to excessively play up the harm caused by blue light on the basis of the needs of commercial interests. Paris Vision Institute concluded in the researches it conducted in 2008 that only 20% ~ 30% of the blue ray spectrum is harmful.

Every day in people’s daily life is full of blue light. It not only exists in strong sunlight, but also in common flashlight, rays of bathroom heaters and stage lighting. Blue light is the part that has the most energy in the spectrum. It is not the case that all blue lights are bad. The blue light labeled as blue-green falls into the blue light range from 495 nm to 465 nm. It is highly important for our vision, papillary reflex and the health of the whole mankind. It also helps adjust our day-night cycle when we are asleep or awake. Therefore, blue light normally can produce a healthful effect on vision and body. It is exactly such blue-green light that will cause the beneficial effects. The negative effect of blue light is that long exposure to blue light can cause visual fatigue and cause the pathology of retina. Blue light will also worsen the disease in the macular area of the retina, damage the RPE cells of the retina and drive the macular degeneration of ARMD. Therefore, the protection against blue light should be balanced and moderate. The lenses of Clear Glass Light Blue Block Lens Eyeglass have used a new blue light blocking technology and 2 basic solutions. The coloring of the light blue block and the reflective coating of the blue block can effectively block blue light to allow the entry of good blue light into human eyes and filter harmful light.

Why should you choose Clear Glass Light Blue Block Lens Eyeglass?

  • The lenses of Sunphey use the glass of the same quality as that of the original products of world famous brands;
  • The lenses use mature and stable coating technology and belong to the small number of products in the market that are manufactured through advanced processes for optical lens grade to ensure perfect binding with the glass materials;
  • The new technology for blocking blue light differentiates healthful from harmful blue light;
  • The professional vertical customization of glass lenses provides you with the products you need.
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