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Platinum glass eye lens technology

Excellent optical performance

If you are looking for a pair of HD sunglasses, the glass lenses of Sunphey are your best choice. Our glass lenses normally generate a low chromatic dispersion and, therefore, have a good optical imaging. Glass will not deform in processing and have heat resistance and a high optical quality. Glass lenses have the highest clarity in all lenses and provide an excellent visual experience.

Low pricing

As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. The prices of glass lenses in the market are generally higher than those of other lenses. If you have a limited budget, you may want to choose the sunglasses that do not use glass lenses. However, the glass lenses of Sunphey sunglasses have lowered product cost by using new technology and new processes. Additionally, since we are OEM and ODM, we have no further brand premium and are your ideal choice.

Protection against ultraviolet

Normally, people need strong protection against ultraviolet under extreme conditions and generally use yellowish lenses. The lenses of Sunphey use anti-UV technology to fully block up the ultraviolet rays of less than 380nm, effectively ward off the ultraviolet harmful for human eyes, protect eyes, delay the occurrence of eye diseases, e.g. cataract and macular degeneration, and bring a visual experience that is more healthful. All our spectacles can provide sufficient protection against ultraviolet in everyday use for additional protection of your eyes! Our UV coating can protect you from the harm caused by 100% UVA and UVB rays.


The lenses that are not glass are easy to trigger the deformation resulting from expansion or contraction and become turbid and yellowish when placed in an environment of high or low temperature or ultraviolet. In contract, glass lenses have a higher temperature resistance and are not easily affected by temperature. Therefore, glass lenses suit you better if you are accustomed to keeping your sunglasses in your car or in the sun. Glass lenses will maintain a high transparency and stay in shape even though used for long. Thoughout their entire life, the lenses will maintain their stable physical and chemical characteristics and resist the erosion of daily chemicals. They will not get yellowish with the lapse of time. When other lenses become functionally tired, faded, scratched or worn, glass lenses still perform as if they were new. Meanwhile, they can combine excellently with paint.

Resistance against fall and scratch

If you are looking for a pair of spectacles of stronger resistance against fall, you can choose plastic lenses. Compared with plastic lenses, untreated ordinary glass lenses are easier to break in a fall. Of course, this is not absolute. The glass lenses of Sunphey have been specially processed and addressed the problem of fragility.
But, the weak anti-scraping performance of plastic lenses will cause imperceptible traces to be left on the lenses after scraping against hard objects, which will affect visual health after long use.
Undoubtedly, glass is more resistant against scratch than any other lens materials. The scratch resistance of the plastic lenses with or without coating is even worse than that of glass lenses. If you want to enhance the scratch resistance of glass lenses, you can also add a scratch proof film to the lenses.

Thinner glass lenses

Although the weight of a pair of glass sunglasses will not overwhelm you, they are indeed somewhat heavier than plastic lenses. Glass lenses provide the highest refractivity and are thinner and more good-looking in all multiples, with a refractivity of 1.5-1.9. Plastic lenses are impossible to have a refractivity of >1.74. In this section, glass lenses are thinner, but equivalent in weight. However, don’t we want to place our eyes under protection? Is it true that you cannot bear the pressure on your nose, but can bear the long-term invisible harm to your eyes caused by the instability, deformation and poor permeability of the lenses not made with glass?

Quality natural raw materials

Compared with ordinary optical glass, the optical glass containing rare earth ingredients has a high effect on optical characteristics, as can be seen from its high permeability, high refractivity, an optical nature of low color dispersion and stable chemical performance. The oxide mixture that makes up glass is melted and refined through rare earth to obtain quality optical glass. The rare earth ingredients can enable better color restoration and contrast. China happens to be the country with the largest reserve and best technology for such quality natural raw materials of rare earth.

Sunphey intensifies the merits of glass lenses.

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