High Quality Polarized Glass Lens Sunglasses


Material:Polarized glass Lens

Functions:UV380 400, Hydrophobic, Infrared Block, Light Blue Block, Anti Reflection, Scratch Resistant

Lens color:Grey / Tan / Green / Blue / Brown / Custom color

Thickness(mm)::1.8, 1.9, 2.0, 2.2

Refractive index (n) :1.5, 1.51, 1.52, 1.53, 1.58, 1.6, 1.65, 1.7, 1.75, 1.8

Lens Size(mm):48-80

Lens Category: 2, 3

Base Curves: 400, 600, 800

Packaging: protective film packaging, layered packing

Production processes: Melting, refinement of blanks, polishing, centering and edging, hardening, ultrasonic cleaning, optical coating, marking, edge cutting

Testing standard:GB10810, ANSI Z87.1-2015, ASTMF803, FDA, BS EN 166:2002, by SGS or ITS

Meaning of polarised sunglasses

Polarized spetacles belong to special sunglasses. Ordinary lenses of sunglasses play a role only in weakening light and cannot filter the rays. Therefore, all they can do is to reduce the intensity of glare and UV, which they cannot fend off completely. However, the glass lenses of the polarized sunglasses of Sunphey can fully obstruct the dazzling glare caused by factors such as scattering and reflection. They focus on eliminating the horizontal glare interference, but are less effective in weakening vertical light. Meanwhile, they can also fully cut off the UV harmful for humans so that the eyes of the people acting under strong light will not feel tired easily, but can see things more clearly. Polarized glass lenses can not only remove the impact of undesirable rays, but also prevent the rays in the dark from being weakened to recover the contrast colors of objects, provide clearer vision and make the colors richer and more true-to-life.

The polarized glass lenses of Sunphey can protect your eyes from dazzling reflections and scattered glares. They can not only filter 99.9% of glare and 100% of UVA and UVB, but also enhance color perception and increase constrast to provide maximum visual comfort. There are grey, brown and green lenses to choose from, all being able to provide 85% of deep color. They are suitable to wear in driving, fishing and water sports rather than in nighttime driving.

All the polarized glass lenses of Sunphey are made with quality optical glass and the technology of reinforced thin glass lenses of multilayer bonding. The diopter and curve of the products are under the strict control enabled by advanced production technology to ensure the precision of the lenses. Sunphey uses the technology of vacuum bonding for the lenses of its polarized sunglasses to integrate all elements into a single lens. The resulting strength is 2 ~ 3 times the strength of ordinary single-layer reinforced glass. Every pair of the lenses have passed the drop ball test of American FDA. The outstanding UV-proof function (100% anti-UV) fully conforms to the quality standards of American ANSIZ80.3, European EN1836 and Australian AS1067.

The production process of polarized glass lenses is required to maintain the consistency and correctness of all elements, e.g. thickness. This is highly important for the production of perfect optical lenses. Under extremely precise process control, Sunphey can create a polarized film directly on lens surface through automatic processes, including the positioning and shaping of the film, application of trace adhesives, lens lamination, catalyzation and film trimming. This rules out any uncontrollable error caused by direct human contact, thereby achieving the consistently high quality of the final products.

Currently, the basic color of polarized lenses is decided by the bottom color of the polarized film. Therefore, colors vary with each batch to disallow the designation of color. At present, grey, brown and green are the primary colors of the polarized lenses of Sunphey.