Custom-made Sunglasses with high quality glass lenses

Maui Jim、Rayban or Persol huge influence on the market. But, people from diverse cultures are becoming consumers of the global eyewear market. They are willing to be unaffected and prefer more diverse products,The market is already huge and growing each year, the population is growing and with that the demand for high-quality, affordable eyewear.Custom-made Sunglasses with high quality glass lenses

There are thousands of eyewear producing factories in China, which cluster in several areas. China gets used to take specific trade or products and set up factories in the same area to produce similar products.

Why does China cluster? That’s a quite good question. Think about the huge cost of Supply Chain and logistic problems. When similar products factories are set up in the same area, shared containers or pallet space become a viable option. Transport becomes more affordable with multiple and frequent deliveries in the same region. Maybe 90% of the Supply chain and transport problems can be cut in this way.

With more than ten years of experience offering glass lenses of sunglasses solutions to brands, importers, and startups around the world, Sunphey Optical has been involved in the entire supply chain from research and development, to order fulfillment, quality management, auditing and product compliance. Sunphey Optical is positioned to help your eyewear startup take off the right way. There are several ways Sunphey Optical can help your startup build a solid foundation for future success, however it must be noted that Sunphey Optical is not an third-party.

For foreign customers, it seems to be a difficult task to find a suitable manufacturer of eyewear products in China, which is not a problem for us. Through our long-term cooperative production relationship with upstream and downstream, Sunphy optical supply chain management system stores many excellent eyewear manufacturers’ resources. These Chinese companies are also excellent factories audited by our suppliers. At the same time, some of them are famous brand OEM / ODM manufacturers.

Sunphey Optical can help startups and new brands:

To comply with your market’s regulations

To customize the right and high quality products for your consumers

To tackle export and logistics smoothly

We have already provided high-quality products for the spectacle manufacturers or operators, global spectacle chain shops, spectacle stores, spectacle service e-commerce servers, online celebrities and high-end customers of private customization in more than 30 countries.

However it must be noted that we only offer Sunglasses with custom glass lenses