As is known to all, the countries that are in a leading position in the technology for optical glass production include Germany, the United States and Japan, as shown by the name brands of SCHOTT and Zeiss of Germany, Conring of the United States, Ohara and Hoya of Japan. However, the leading manufacturer and seller of the global optical glass materials industry is a Chinese company, which produces and sells over 8,000 tons of optical glass each year, accounting for over 30% of the world market.

Optical glass has an even higher concentration degree in the international spectacle manufacturing industry and a small number of leading brands occupy most of the market shares. Essilor International Optical Group of France leads the industry as the largest lens manufacturer of the world, with other international lens manufacturing enterprises high on the list holding 80% of the market shares. Because of their deficiencies in brand operation, Chinese enterprises of optical glass lenses have not yet gained a market reputation that match their actual position in the industry.

As one of the shareholders of the top optical glass enterprises of China, the investor of Sunphey is also a Chinese supplier of glass lenses for world famous sunglass brands and took part in the R&D and customization of high-performance glass for the lenses of sunglasses. Our researchers are now still making ongoing efforts at further researches to develop such high-performance glass materials through more advanced technology, better processes and more reasonable cost. We use the production system, technology and processes for manufacturing such high-performance glass blanks in cooperating with other top Chinese optical glass enterprises to further use the blanks in the production of ophthalmic lenses and sunglass products. Meanwhile, we also use such materials in the production of precise optical lenses, winning recognition and praises from our customers around the world.

Sunphey is a leader of China in the production of the high-performance optical glass lenses for sunscreen sunglasses. Our high-performance glass lenses of ultra thinness can correct the abnormal refraction of human eyes, improve eyesight, prevent ultraviolet and low dispersion of high refractivity, change color. We can aso customize glass lense products and design lightweight products as required by customers.

This is the consensus of ophthalmologists: glass lense is the best phthalmological material and performs excellently in clarity, optical stability and durability. But, people have misconception about glass lenses, e.g. the misunderstanding that glass lenses are heavy. This problem, however, has been improved greatly with technological progress. In particular, glass lenses are thinner and equivalent in weight in the range of 1.8 ~ 1.9 refractivity that is out of reach for resin lenses. People’s correct ophthalmic needs have been suppressed by large-scale industrialized mode and the drive of commercial interests. Sunphey firmly believes that, in the future, their demand for glass lenses will be valued again. This is also one of the reasons for our persistent production of the high-performance glass lenses for sunglasses.