SUNPHEY has mature production management system to control quality, especially for the customized orders. We will evaluate every index and map strictly to translate them into internal documents such as internal material number, map, working instruction, QC engineering drawing, testing specification etc. We will strictly control every link in production chain to make sure matching your demands. For example:

We will build New process and product validation report,Cost analysis (engineering) New material, New components, New process & Others Cost impact We will also check the existing problems in the specific production process, such as:

Check Contents:

  • Is product drawing availabel?(Crystal include std and Polar CAD drawing)”
  • Is process flow fixed?
  • Is machine spec clearly defined? (fixtures/jigs/tools/etc..)
  • Is new control device identified and PR released?
  • Is identified and initial draft release?
  • Is relevant record template defined and released?
  • Is consumable spec & warehouse coverage clearly defined?
  • Is routine and modified
  • Is control device in place?
  • Is drawing of standard released ?
  • Is marked “only use for coating” if T% near border
  • Is human resources needs evaluated ?
  • Is rountine and BOM confirmed by production?
  • Is the relevant info. transferred to production?

Color confirmation

  • Color – Lab
  • Color – Lab
  • Color – Visual

Process validation

  • Capacity
  • Scrap rate
  • Master sample
  • Control limit (Data or samples)
  • Effect analysis to current production
  • Send samples to Italy
  • Process audit
  • GR&R
  • Ppk (like color of mirror coating)

We will conduct about 40 test items in nine categories (including but not limited to the following)


  • Material surface & quality
  • Color – Lab
  • Color – Lab
  • Color – Visual
  • Edges cosmetic


  • Shape,bevel width, bevel angle, clock, counterbevel ,width,gradient heiht,logo location
  • Lens Warpage
  • Thickness
  • Coating Thickness
  • Full dimension


  • Adhesion
  • Abrasion
  • Abrasion
  • Flexibility (hard coating)
  • Flexibility (thin coating)
  • Pencil hardness
  • Cloth test


  • Perspiration
  • BT5
  • BT8


  • QUV test
  • Q-Sun test
  • Xenon test
  • Loss Color


  • Haze
  • NINF (%T) – Jasco & Topcon
  • Transmittance profile – Traffic light – UV 100%
  • AR reflectance
  • Polar eff (if polar)
  • Polar axis (if polar)
  • Optical powers
  • Optical centre location


  • Drop ball test
  • High Mass
  • High Velocity
  • Resistance to ignition


  • Contact angle
  • Abrasion resistance for oleo
  • Oleophobic coating coverage (Sharpie test)


  • cutting test (cutting machine applicable)
  • pad-printing test

We provide the same quality lenses of world famous brands, so that you can concentrate on brand building.

* The factory enjoy the right to increase or decrease the above processes in the actual production process without prior notice.