Italy is one of the important origins of high-end sunglasses. Their strict and rigorous quality requirements are one of the factors for the success of their numerous luxury brands. In 2019, according to the official data of Chinese customs, China exported 20.78 million glass lenses of sunglasses to Italy. This is an important and strong evidence proving the recognition of the quality of the glass lenses made in China.

No. Sunphey manufactures its own series of replacement lenses. The series is composed of high-performance optical glass lenses to achieve maximum optical clarity, impact resistance and tensile strength.
We are not affiliated to any other well-known brand company, although we used to be one of their suppliers. Our lenses have received customized cutting to meet the glass sunglasses of existing brands and models. Our purpose is to help customers repair the spectacles of their own brands or newly developed sunglass products, which are not OEM lenses and will not bear the logo of any other brands. We respect our partners and will not damage their power. Most of them do not provide the service of replacing damaged lenses, a service we provide. At Sunphey, we have our own logo and a quality that is as good or even better. The difference is only that the reputation of our logo is not as high as that of other brand companies.

Owing to the cost of environmental cost, we do not produce our own glass. Instead, we entrust the customization thereof to an important optical glass manufacturer of the world. It is also the OEM/ODM of some famous brands. We tested their products and found them to be the same as famous brands in quality, customized as required by us, higher in quality, but lower in pricing. We can also use the glass lenses of Schott, PPG and faous Japanese brands at your request. We also use the high-end products manufactured by the world’s largest optical glass company in China, which which is also a supplier of the following brands:
A glass blank itself cannot become a spectacle lens of high quality and must go through precision processing. The precision processing of Sunphey will cause thorough changes to these glass blanks for them to become glass lenses of high quality. This is one of the essential elements for the glass lenses of high quality.

We sell no other products than the lenses of glass materials. The reason why we have made the choice is that we and the professionals in the medical community believe that the best ophthalmic material now is the optical glass of high quality. Although some non-glass materials can for a short period of time provide the optical clarity and performance close or similar to those of glass lenses, their innate chemical and physical stability cannot withstand the effects of time and external environment. The lenses of non-glass materials will have changes inperceptible to naked eyes with the elapse of time, which will harm your eyes covertly. Such harm is worse compared with the discomfort caused by the sense of weight resulting from prolonged wearing of glass lenses.
Furthermore, from the perspective of commercial interests, the processing of non-glass lenses is better than that of glass for large-scale industrialized production. The mode of such large-scale industrialization and commercial interests have suppressed people’s correct ophthalmic demand.

Before the mass production of a new product, the Company will arrange trial production first on the basis of the relevant information provided by the customer to obtain customer’s confirmation. This is what we call sample customization, which typically involves the following processes:
1.The customer provides samples and relevant information:
Provision of samples and information—experiment and monitoring—analysis of samples—exchange with custoemers/confirmation of information—R&D and sample making—customer’s confirmation of samples
2.The customer provides the pictures and information of the product.
Provision of the pictures and information of the product—exchange with customer–analysis—making of plan— R&D and sample making—customer’s confirmation of samples
3.The customer provides mtching products and information.
Provision of matching products and information—exchange with customer–analysis—plan customization— R&D and sample making—customer’s confirmation of samples

We can make lenses that include a prism. All prescription orders are verified by one of our opticians. If your written prescription has a prism, we will confirm with you before crafting your custom lenses. There will be a slight upcharge for adding a prism to your prescription.

There is no difference between anti -reflective (AR) and anti -glare coatings; they are the same thing. This coating helps minimize the reflections you see on both the inside and outside of your lenses.