Project Description

Orange Flash Mirror Glass Lens 1.7mm UV400 Hydrophobic Anti Reflection Bass 6


Material: High Quality Glass Lens Sunglasses

Functions:Hydrophobic、Anti Reflection、UV400、Enhancement Classics

Lens color:Orange Flash(Dark tint)


Lens Size(mm):48-80

Lens Category:3

Base Curves :600

Purpose:Brands Sunglass Lens Replacement、New Design Glasses

Why has Orange Flash Mirror Glass Lens 1.7mm UV400 Hydrophobic Anti Reflection Bass 6 stood out?

We use the advanced optical vacuum coating equipment of the world, which features a high degree of automation to ensure the control precision and high stability of the optical coating.

Our operators have over a decade of experience in the OEM processing of lenses for well-known brands. They can manufacture lenses equal to the quality of well-known brands in a skillful and stable manner. They can also leverage new technologies and processes to enhance processing means and ensure the consistency and leading quality of the products.

We boast strict production management, especially the design, monitoring and management of film system, and a low rate of rejects. Meanwhile, we leverage people’s different sensitivities for color and the different standards for the film systems of different colors. We resolutely reject any products that go beyond the scope of color limit standard to provide customers with products having a quality equal to or even better than that of famous brands.

Important quality indicators of sunglasses:

Technical parameters:

PolarizationLens Category3
Light Transmission13.06% Light Blue Block91.09%
Lens color Orange (Dark tint)Photochromic Interval0.00
Reflection factorPASS 1,47%Photochromic Ratio0.00%
Degree of PolarizationOptical CentreCentre
Polarization Ratio0.00% Base6
(mean 380 ÷ 780 nm)
13.06%Transmittance Scale of blue
(mean 380 ÷ 500 nm)
Transmittance scale of IR
(mean 380 ÷ 780 nm)
8.99%Transmittance scale of UV
(mean 280 ÷ 380 nm)
Transmittance scale of UVA
(mean 315 ÷ 380 nm)
0.00 Transmittance scale of UV
(mean 280 ÷ 315 nm)
Transmittance of VIS
(peak min 475 ÷ 650 nm)
7.50%Spherical Power0.00D
Qgreen0.98Astigmatic Power0.00D
Qyellow1.04 prismatic power≤0.25△

1 3 9

Y: Transmission (%)

X: Wavelenght (nm)

Mineral Glass Lens green Category 2 1.8mm Hydrophobic base 6

Y:Transmission (%)   X: Wavelenght (nm)

D65 : x=0.3453  y=0.3658

C :   x=0.3432  y=0.3548

* Data subject to change without notice

Product application:

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