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Enhancement Mineral Glass Lens Grey Green


Mineral Glass Lens green Category 1 1.8mm Hydrophobic  HD Color Enhancement base 6

Material:Sunphey High Quality Glass Lens(Same quality of world-famous brands)

Function: Hydrophobic、Anti Reflection、HD Color Enhancement

Lens color:grey(Light tint)

Thickness(mm): 1.8mm

Lens Size(mm):48-80

Lens Category:1

Base Curves : 600

Purpose:Brands Sunglass Lens Replacement、New Design Glasses

What has enabled our Mineral Glass Lens green Category 2 1.8mm Hydrophobic base 6 to stand out?

The quality blanks of optical glass are sourced from the OEM and ODM of famous brands. Customers can also customize and choose the high-quality glass lenses of Sunphey or the blanks of the glass lenses of well-know brands.

We provide glass lenses for the OEM and ODM of famous brands. We used to be a supplier of finished products for their Mineral Glass Lens green Category 2 1.8mm Hydrophobic base 6. We can undertake the customization of the replacement lenses in the market to give a new lease of life to your sunglasses.

The professionalism and focus of our engineers enable them to skifully deal with all the problems in the production of high-quality lenses. They can also make combinations of various qualities, dimensions and functions on the basis of your requirements for products. After precise cutting, the products can be easily and solidly installed into frames.

We are a leading manufacturer of the glass lenses for sunglasses in China. The 80% world market occupancy of the high-end glasses made in China is proof of the leading position of the glasses production technology of China. We have our own distinctive technology that has been proven in the market. Using our lenses, your final products will be nothing less than world famous brands in quality and performance.

Our high-performance glass lenses have no additional premium of brand, functions and patented technology or additional apaportionment of marketing expenses. With high professionalism, we focus on the production and manufacturing of high-performance glass lenses.

Important quality indicators of sunglasses:

Technical parameters:

sunphey data 01

Mineral Glass Lens green Category 2 1.8mm Hydrophobic base 6-01

Y: Transmission (%)

X: Wavelenght (nm)

Mineral Glass Lens green Category 2 1.8mm Hydrophobic base 6

D65 : x= =0.3063 y =0.3300

C : x=0.3037 y= 0.3168

* Data subject to change without notice

Product application:

Suitable for driving and road use – Not suitable for driving at night or under condition of dull light.

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