Project Description

Gradient Glass Lens Eyeglass

The gradient lenses of Sunphey are manufactured with the technology of vacuum vapor coating and magnetron sputtering coating, which enable the reduction of the strength of lens rays to decrease progressively in a topdown manner. Such sunglass lenses are characterized by the gradual change of colors and are especially applicable in circumstances where light conditions will change when the wearer looks up. Such technology normally leverages the phenomenon of multi-layer coating interference and follows the theory about optical films to adjust the spectral reflectivity or transmittance of different wavelengths and induce more penetration or enhanced reflection through the calculation of the film system that contains two kinds of materials of high or low refractivity. A coating may be composed of as few as several layers or as many as one hundred layers.

The most difficult part of the technology is to form a very thin nano coating on glass surface. But, such method generally can only realize the technology of a single color. Traditional technology will have a very unnatural transition in the range of color changes. The gradient lenses of world famous brands are designed to address the problem. We teamed up with Optotech in developing the special equipment for the coating of gradient lenses, which solved this problem.

On the basis of the theory about optical coating and the current development of optical coating equipment and technology, the optical coating of any refractivity and color can be achieved through appropriate base materials, rational design process and the target color pattern of rational match. Accordingly, Sunphey has made countless attempts, finally fulfilled spectral design and brought a natural gradual color change through the technology of magnetron sputtering coating. In the meantime, Sunphey can also choose the innovative color glitter on traditional gradient lenses.

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