G15 vs Polarized Made In China

G-15 lenses. G-15 is the name given by Ray-Ban to the lenses of a special type, which refers to classic lenses. The color is green and bars 85% of the visible light. However, B15 is brown (tawny), with both lenses having a light transmittance of 15%. That is to say, B and G indicate only the difference in the colors of lenses. While G15 is more classical and applicable to both indoor and outdoor uses, B15 is more suitable in strong sunlight.

G15 and B15 are both classical light-reducing glass lenses, meaning that they can reduce light by 85% and lower the overall luminance. But, as you know, what we discuss here is visible light rather than harmful ultraviolet light, which will be warded off completely. G-15 lenses cannot block glare. If you intend to buy a pair of sunglasses with G-15 lenses, they may cause some problems if you plan to wear the sunglasses while skiing or driving in the snowfield illuminated by bright and shining sunlight. Polarized lens is another functional lens and can remove the light from a certain direction. The angle of the general setting of the spectacles is used to eliminate surface reflection, such as the light reflected by water surface, road surface that is wet or illuminated by strong light, desert or snowfield, so that they are ideal for driving, fishing and outdoor sports. Polarized lenses generally have colors that are added to reduce light. Different colors play the same role as B15 and G15. But, you had better avoid polarized spectacles in everyday use and just keep a pair in your car, for they will remove some rays and cause you to be unable to see some things. For example, LCD is polarized and will appear black when seen from a side. Another example is that, when the sun rises or falls over the sea, others will see an expanse of golden light on the sea surface, but you will see only an expanse of dead water wearing a pair of polarized glasses that have eliminated the light reflected by the surface. It may be very good to use G-15 lenses in places of insufficient sunlight, but polarized lenses are your safest choice.

China developed G15 lenses of glass blanks as early as 1998, which were recognized and purchased in large quantity by high-end American customers. The main indicators of optical performance of the lenses at that time are as follows:

  1. Light permeation: All the wavelengths below 380nm are intercepted and the average permeation is 15~20% at 400-700nm (optical lenses 2mm thick);
  2. The color is grey-green and somewhat bluish;
  3. Specifications: Diameter 65, 70;
  4. Bas: 600 ~ 900
  5. Thickness: 3.5 ~ 4.0

At that time, the lenses were exported mainly to the United States and Japan for use in assembling high-grade sunglasses of deluxe brands.

Over 10 years have elapsed. The quality blanks of G15 and B15 produced in China now are better than ever before thanks to the rich storage of rare earth and excellent development technology.

Although many genuine Ran-Ban products are made in Italy, many are made in China. Luxottica makes sure that the quality of the products of its factory in China will not be affected in any way through strict testing and supply chain management. These glasses are made from the same materials with the same machines. Now the production of G15 and B15 with excellent quality can be completed under the aid of the outstanding suppliers in China. Some new colors are also designed, manufactured and exported for sales through the excellent industrial supply chain of sunglasses in China.